Consignment Program for Local Authors

Buttonwood is dedicated to supporting our local authors through a consignment program which matches the needs of authors with the mission of our store. Selected authors will have the the opportunity to showcase their books in Buttonwood’s Regional section. 

Here is how the Consignment works:

  •   Drop off a copy of your book at Buttonwood along with a cover letter which includes all of your contact information: phone number, email address and mailing address
  •   Our local author coordinators will review your book and contact you if we choose to carry your book. Upon our decision, one of our coordinators will contact you to guide you through the sale process, which includes signing a contract with us. 
  •   We have many local authors asking us to carry their books, and for a host of reasons we just can’t carry all of them. We respect your art and the commitment to your work and will carefully review your book to see if it is a good fit for our store. Please allow us at least two weeks for review of your book. 
  •   The first consignment term will last for 90 days, at which point Local Author Coordinators will evaluate possible extension to the agreement.     
  •   Our terms are as follows:  
    • Author determines the selling price
    • Author will be paid 60% of the retail price of books that sell during the 90 day invoice period, not for individual sales of your book 
    • Payment will be made to Author at the end of the contract period
    • Buttonwood will retain 40% of your book’s retail price
    • Buttonwood assumes no responsibility for delivery or return costs, nor for items abandoned by you upon termination of the agreement. We can not be responsible for damaged, lost or stolen consignment items. 
  •   Your books will be displayed in our Regional section. The titles in the local author section will be rotated regularly to give each author a chance to be prominently displayed in our face-out easels. We can also display a small acrylic frame with information about you and/or your book, as space permits, if you choose to provide us with this. 
  •   If you are interested in scheduling a book signing, book launch or other event you will need to submit a proposal to our local author coordinators for review. Typically, we like to see a documented history of sales before considering an event. 
  •   If you have further questions please contact the store.