March 28 Author Events

Over the past week we have had a number of different author events. Two of which were in partnership with Hingham Public Library. We love working with our local libraries to help bring authors or books to their patrons. Sometimes the events you might see us at are completely the hard work of your lovely librarians and we're just there to sell books, and sometimes we reach out to the libraries to ask if they're interested in hosting a particular author and providing the space. 

Great Game!

On March 21, just last week, Bruce Haas was at the Hingham Public Library with his debut book, Great Game!: D1 College Hockey: People, Places, Perspectives. I know hardly anything about hockey. My knowledge of college hockey in particular begins and ends with the 2004 movie Miracle, but Bruce brings an insider's love of the game and impeccable research to his book, making it approachable for novices and die hard fans alike. Told in a series of snapshots that allow for the reader to pick up the book from any section, Bruce's book is sure to delight any fan who will recognize players, coaches, and arenas depicted throughout. 

The audience included families with budding hockey enthusiasts and fans who have been going to college games for more than thirty years. It was a delightful evening. 


Vehicles and Animals

At the store on Saturday, we had a husband and wife team who have just turned their very successful youtube channel, The Kids' Picture Show, into a book series. Chieri and Steve DeGregorio started The Kids' Picture Show in an effort to create videos that would appeal to their autistic son since they weren't seeing media that catered to his tastes. With their simple but elegant 8-bit art style, they have hit on an almost hypnotic process for their show. The authors shared the backstory of The Kids' Picture show and some upcoming ideas for more videos and hopefully books from those videos. There were coloring sheets for children and we still have some stickers from the event. It was a good way to start the day. 


Tranquility Grove

Our third event this week was Monday, March 25, again at the Hingham Library. At this event, Martha Reardon Bewick presented her book Tranquility Grove: The Great Abolitionist Picnic of 1844. The event was a rousing success. The librarian and I kept having to set out more chairs as more people arrived. HCAM TV was there to bring the event to at home viewers. She told us about her research process and the beginnings of this book. Abolitionist history in New England doesn't always get much traction, especially with all the Revolutionary history around, so the audience was full of attentive listeners. There was a brief interlude of song as she shared one of the anthems of the abolitionists. The Picnic in 1844 commemorated the ten year anniversary of emancipation in the British West Indies and included delegates from the North Shore and Boston, including Frederick Douglass. These delegates took a boat into Hingham to then march to Tranquility Grove. On their way home that evening, the ship's captain misjudged the tides and ran aground leaving the delegates stranded until morning. 


Our next events are our upcoming Poetry Month Celebrations. We hope that all interested poets will take the opportunity to come out and have a chance to shine.