March 21 Welcome to Spring

Spring Happenings

Yesterday was, as I'm sure you've all heard, a rare astronomical concurrence of a super moon and the vernal equinox. In honor of that dual event, I thought I'd share some of the ways that Buttonwood has been getting ready for spring. 

Our wonderful card buyer Susan has been busy bringing in all sorts of different cards for spring. We had Saint Patrick's Day cards and have now moved into Easter and Passover cards, so come take a look while we still have all the varieties. She has also been getting in some beautiful spring boxed sets, like these hummingbird and iris patterns from Artists To Watch, one of our more popular card lines. 

Laure, our talented gift and toy buyer, has been bringing in some festive candles and bags. We're expecting a full restock of bubbles any day now which will hopefully coincide with nicer weather and we have some festive pinwheels for all sorts of pinwheel needs. With Easter almost a full month later than it was last year, you can expect to be seeing Jellycat rabbits and other gifts, books, and toys through the upcoming weeks. 



Some spring titles to keep an eye on as the crocuses (or is it croci? I've always wondered whether or not crocus is a word that can be treated like octopus) begin to bloom include: The Art of Outdoor Living by Scott Shrader, a beautiful guide to entertaining in your yard, on your patio, or near a pool; Design Your Garden Toolkit by Michelle Gervais, which includes a step by step guide, a fold-out design board, and reusable cling stickers; and two very similar titles: Birds in a Book and Succulents in a Book. These last two titles are the newest in the Uplifting line from Abrams Noterie which started with last year's Thinking of You: A Bouquet in a Book. These fun titles turn into a great visual piece with paper birds and plants on hinges spring from the top of the book. 

I also mentioned the super moon, so it would be remiss of me not to mention some of our stellar astronomical titles. For younger readers, we have the popular Seeing Stars: A Complete Guide to the 88 Constellations which helps locate constellations in the night sky and includes some of the folklore behind the images and a tell all about the moon, called simply, The Moon by Hannah Pang



That's all for this week. Next week, if you're on Facebook, we will be going live with HarperCollins around noon to share some staff picks. We'll walk around the store and show some of our new displays as well. And stay tuned for our Poetry Month celebrations! We're trying some new features this year, including an Open Mic night for teens!