I Am Dexter (Paperback)

I Am Dexter By Steve Pollinger, Dru Pollinger, Helayne Rosenblum (Editor) Cover Image
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Imagine every sound you hear could be something trying to kill you.

Imagine being alone in the dark-cold, hungry, without shelter yet better off than the place where you suffered unimaginable torment.

Imagine having to fight for every moment of your survival.


For Dexter, it was the life he led for many months. Alone, often starving, without shelter, afraid of any contact with people. He bore the scars of unimaginable abuse. Yet, the only thing that could save him were the same beings who caused him such agony, people.

And he feared them even more than the predators he avoided daily.

Enter Steve Pollinger, and his wife, Dr. Dru Pollinger, VMD, a resourceful veterinarian.

Learning about Dexter's circumstances, they devised a plan to rescue this beautiful dog

And that is exactly what they did.

Come along on a journey from the darkness of an abused dog's seemingly hopeless

situation to his resurrection. An unforgettable journey of hope in an often uncaring world.

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ISBN: 9798985017717
Publisher: Fair Haven Animal Hospital, Inc.
Publication Date: December 1st, 2021
Pages: 208
Language: English