Whompastoodles & Stilt Legged Water Birds (Paperback)

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Are you wondering what a Whompastoodle or a Stilt Legged Water Bird could be? Whompastoodles & Stilt Legged Water Birds is a heartwarming and funny collection of stories from a country veterinarian featuring a snake with pneumonia, a dog hit by a train, and a puppy that swallowed a hair comb, plus you will learn the mystery of the Whompastoodles and Stilt Legged Water Birds. You never know what to expect but one thing is for sure. You will laugh and cry as you get to know some of the four-legged patients as well as the two-legged clients who make these animals a part of their family. This book is filled with uplifting, humorous, courageous and life-altering stories that will give you a glimpse of the daily events in the life of a caring and beloved veterinarian. The author, Shawna Bais, is both a registered nurse and a veterinarian who believes in making a difference through providing compassionate, Christ-centered care to those in need, though especially if they are furry and have four legs. She has authored a range of books including "Catching Achoo" and "Life's A Picnic, Then Come the Ants." She lives with her husband and children on the West Coast where she continues to laugh at the antics of her own menagerie of animals and the many animal patients she sees every day at her busy veterinary practice.
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ISBN: 9781432785833
ISBN-10: 1432785834
Publisher: Outside the Box.
Publication Date: December 20th, 2011
Pages: 90
Language: English