Becoming Home (Paperback)

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What if the walls of your family home could talk? When Caroline Freeman and her siblings travel to their family home after the death of their beloved mother, they are faced with the decision of what to do with the 200-year old home they have inherited - a house that has been in the family for five generations. The siblings, who live thousands of miles apart, must decide whether to sell the antique home, and with it their heritage, or keep the house and struggle with the financial responsibilities of holding onto it. As Caroline grapples with her own mixed feelings, she must balance the concerns of her practical older brother, Alden, her opinionated younger brother, Thomas, her emotional baby sister, Anna, and the wishes of their dead mother, Marie. But before Caroline can reconcile her conflicted feelings, she must learn the stories of the house and the family that has called it Home. Caroline embarks on a personal journey as she explores the old home. As the walls of the antique home whisper the stories of the past, stunning secrets are revealed that reshape Caroline's feelings about her ancestors and cause her to reevaluate her relationships with her siblings, specifically her sister, Anna. Just as the siblings face truths that make their decision inevitable, a long-kept secret is revealed that threatens to take the decision of what to do with their inheritance out of their hands altogether - a secret that even the old Home doesn't know about.Author, Kirsten Hunt Kowalski, tells the story of five generations of a family that has called one house "Home" for over 100 years and explores the emotional struggle of those left to decide its fate. Told, in part, from the perspective of the house - the only member of the family that has been there from the beginning - this is a story of love, loss, pain, joy, betrayal, and forgiveness. It is the story of Family. It is the story of finding your true Home - no matter where you live.

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ISBN: 9781087868011
ISBN-10: 1087868017
Publisher: Kirsten Kowalski
Publication Date: February 24th, 2020
Pages: 322
Language: English