War: A kids Viking Adventure (Paperback)

War: A kids Viking Adventure By C. S. Woolley Cover Image
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The council of Jelling has begun.

With one of the arm rings of Yngvar found, the children of Ribe and their guardian beast, Wifrith, set out to find the remaining seven rings.

The warriors from Hedeby have not given up and are determined to find and kill the children of Ribe or face the wrath of their queen, Rena.

King Viggo Odinsen is summoned to the council to answer for his aggression towards the people of Ribe, and though the talks are peaceful, underneath the surface, war is brewing. The people of Ribe prepared to defend their homeland from the massing armies of the south

But war is the furthest thing from the minds of Erland, Dalla, Christian, Eva and Riki as in order to find the second arm ring of Yngvar, the children have to face a dragon.

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ISBN: 9780995147553
ISBN-10: 0995147558
Publisher: Mightier Than the Sword UK
Publication Date: July 31st, 2021
Pages: 150
Language: English