Secrets of Drunken Boxing 3: Internal Alchemy (Paperback)

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Secrets of Drunken Boxing Volume Three: Internal Alchemy Chinese martial arts have always been filled with secrets. Secret forms, secret weapons, and most importantly secret training methods and potions (Dit Da Jow). This volume focuses on the secret training methods for cultivating qi, hard skills like Iron Body and Iron Broom, soft skills like Drunken Cotton Belly and Heavy Hands aka Cotton Palm, and internal work (Nei Gong) involving meditation and cultivating Dantian as a source for internal power. The Ma Family where this Northern Drunken style originates also has its own secret qigong practices which are included in this text as well. The methods within are the power source for a Drunken Boxers gongfu skills. Once the shape is built, the power must be cultivated to flow through the shape of the art ? this is the text outlining how.
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ISBN: 9780993963445
ISBN-10: 0993963447
Publisher: Red Jade Martial Arts
Publication Date: April 11th, 2019
Pages: 178
Language: English