Boonday and the Covfeefee Tree: The Answer Or The Problem (Paperback)

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Boonday is focused on figuring out who she is and how she fits in. She finds so many ways to entertain her self right in her very own neighborhood. She values the time she gets to spend with her neighbors. Even though she is expected to help out at home, she prefers a carefree life. Boonday stumbles across an unintended means of gaining some of the freedom she craves from the mysterious Covfeefee Tree. She seems to have it all figured out. No one even suspects what's really happening. Boonday forgets about the warning she was given. Her newly found freedoms are gone as quickly as they had come.

About the Author

Brenda L. Sears began storytelling to entertain her classmates when she was a student in primary school. As a school teacher, she continued her storytelling as a means engage to the students in her classes. Everyday she encouraged students to tell about real life stories, dreams, or even make up stories, believing that stories are a primary means of connecting with others and indirectly communicating simple and complex ideas. Boonday and the Covfeefee Tree is her first published children's fiction book. She has many other stories to tell.
Product Details
ISBN: 9780692133057
ISBN-10: 0692133054
Publisher: Brenda L. Sears
Publication Date: August 24th, 2018
Pages: 134
Language: English